Sunday, February 21, 2016

Participation in Government

I am not a Trump fan. I do appreciate the anti-establishment energy that he has brought to the country. If he hasn't singlehandedly stoked the fire, he has certainly been a major catalyst in the increased stand that the masses are taking against government overreach.
I went to the BLM Methane Rules Meeting at JSC last week. I have been to many government public comment meetings. When I tuned off College Blvd into the college I couldn't believe my eyes. The parking lot in front of the Henderson Center looked to be completely full. And the number of orange flags on the vehicles was amazing. The Center was packed. By far there were more people against the BLM proposed rules than for them. The environmental religion followers are better organized than the regular folk for sure. They were there early for their T-shirts and got their people on the speakers list first, in mass. The people that participated in the process for the first time were disappointed at having to listen to a constant barrage of 'feelings' with no opposing comment that shouts came from the audience that 'this process is rigged'. On the whole, it is, but that is a different story.
I left the BLM meeting to attend the County Commission Meeting for the Ordinance 95 discussion. There was an overflow crowd for the council meeting. There were 50-60 people sitting and standing in the hall way outside the meeting room. Discussion by the Commission was on the agenda. They did kick it around but did not open it to the floor for discussion. The 3 voting for the ordinance said that they had no new information that would change their initial vote. The Commission Chair said that if the bureaucrats abused the people over the ordinance he wanted to hear about it and would take care of the bureaucrats and closed the discussion. At that point I would estimate that 90% of the people in attendance got up and left. The Chair just couldn't get his mind around the fact that is Ordinance is the exact overreach that is fueling the Trump candidacy. Pretty much for the same reason. Two of the three votes for the ordinance were Republicans. The two votes against the Ordinance were Republicans. The 2 Republicans that voted for the Ordinance are not running again. The 2 Republican candidates running for the seats are both against the ordinance and one said he would work to repeal it if elected. I didn't talk with the other candidate about it.
Seems like Republican voters have record numbers in the presidential primaries so far. Good news.
Hopefully it is not too late for people getting involved to prevent the pending train wreck.

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