Thursday, August 21, 2014

He is Absolutely Engaged, Just Ask Him

Some people seem upset that our Prez made a 2 minute statement about the Folly beheading before he headed off for the golf course while he vacations. This follows the pattern he set when the General was recently killed in Afghanistan. Upsetting maybe, but you have to understand his progressive values.

Just to show how concerned he really is, he has Hagel put on a press conference and releases the details of a secret mission to rescue Folly earlier in the summer. In their value system, they know that singing their own praises is worth putting Special Forces people and other hostages at risk in the near future. I am not disengaged; see I have been supporting raids to free our hostages, even though it was months after we found out where he was being kept. And then blame a news media outlet for making them have to have a press conference to tell us how good they really are.
Who knows what’s going to happen now that the Pope as called the Folly family about their loss. He could bomb the Vatican because there are only Christians there. His spiritual advisor hold a press conference, releasing the details that the Prez has had with God, Jesus, Allah and Mohammad. Something has to happen, he can’t be upstaged by an ‘angry’ old white guy. Should be coming soon so keep an eye out.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

He Gave Himself To You (Sucker)

A lot is being made over the statement that Obama made in 2006. The media is referring to it as his promise to not take vacations should he be elected. If you can, take a few minutes to look up the statement and read it for yourself.
As with most all of his statements, it really doesn't say/mean anything or make sense. It was so much mumbo jumbo double talk that the easily impressed were in awe.
"Essentially the bargain that any president, I think, strikes with the American people is: 'you give me this office and in turn my fears, doubts, insecurities, foibles, need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure is gone. I am giving myself to you. And the American people should have no patience for whatever is going on in your head because you have a job to do. And so how I think about it is that you don't make that decision unless you are prepared to make that sacrifice, that trade off, that bargain and I think that what's difficult and important for somebody like myself who has a wonderful forbearing wife and two gorgeous young children is that they end up having to make some of those sacrifices with you, and that is a profound decision that you don't make lightly."
It is a line designed to successfully tug at the heart strings that this wonderful family man is willing to sacrifice, give myself to you, to run this country and you don't have to worry and only have to pay attention to your job, but means absolutely nothing. This is/was his normal campaign dishonesty and continues into how 'honestly' he has run the country.
His need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure is gone. Has he made the sacrifice that is was selling? If you take the rest of the statement, 'you give me this office and in turn my fears, doubts, insecurities' and take out the heart tugging family sacrifice items, and end it with the 'is gone' then it seems to sum up his performance and promises. 'You give me this office and in turn my fears, doubts, insecurities are gone. And the American people should have no patience for whatever is going through your head because you've got a job to do. And so how I think about it is that you don't make that decision unless you are prepared to make that sacrifice, that trade off, that bargain and I think that what's difficult and important for somebody like myself who has a wonderful forbearing wife and two gorgeous young children is that they end up having to make some of those sacrifices with you, and that is a profound decision that you don't make lightly." If he is the person that he portrayed in his books, and he is, then the statement fits the ideologue that he is, and almost no self-serving sacrifice is too great. Especially when you consider that the 'gorgeous children' are moving into the ruling elite class, like Chelsea did when Bill and Hillary made the sacrifice to be penniless.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Obstruction and Distortion for All, Evidently

From The Hill, by contributor Rick Manning

Twenty different Obama administration officials have lost or destroyed a portion of their email traffic. Email traffic that was, in some cases, under subpoena or in others requested as part of a larger inquiry into the conduct of the executive branch.

House Committee on Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) expressed his frustration at the revelation that another Obama official, Marilyn Tavenner, the director of the Center for Medicare Services, deleted emails in the wake of the botched website roll out, stating, "It defies logic that so many senior Administration officials were found to have ignored federal recordkeeping requirements only after Congress asked to see their e-mails [sic]."

Yes, Rep. Issa, it does defy logic.

The brazenly contemptuous stonewall-and-erase-evidence approach to congressional inquiries preferred by the Obama administration is perhaps this president's greatest affront to our constitutional system of government.

When you have records going missing across an administration, it is impossible to conclude anything other than it is a coordinated and condoned cover-up, and not just a series of incompetent, coincidental keystrokes wiping out information.

The conclusions get even uglier when you realize that the IRS dismissed the government contractor responsible for maintaining back-up files of their emails concurrent with Lois Lerner and her band mysteriously having their computers flatline.

The question is, where are the Democrats in the face of this obvious malfeasance?

During the Watergate scandal that brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon, a few Republicans came forward and urged the president to come clean. Yet, the silence is deafening from Democrats in both the House and Senate in the wake of this obvious obstruction of the congressional oversight function.

Where are the patriots on the Democratic side, who are willing to stand up to an executive branch that has declared them inconsequential?

The Democrats' partisan acquiescence to Obama's declaration of war against congressional prerogatives sets the precedent that future presidents can hardly be faulted for following. A precedent that makes a mockery of the legislative branch and brings into question why we bother even providing office space for Congress at all?

With 20 Obama officials from all over the government losing critical emails, one wonders what, if any, is the threshold for Democratic outrage?

When are the Democratic Party and their elected officials going to put our nation ahead of partisanship?

If the past few years are any indication, I'm not holding my breath.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

You Have to Engage

Obama and the gang stick with the talking point that the nations around the earth respect and fear the US and that he has brought more tranquility to the world than ever before. The Russians tweeted picture of Putin petting a jaguar and Obama posing with a poodle with the comment that we have different values and allies. Pro-Hamas and illegal aliens protest in front of the White House with out fear. The agent at the border patrol check point asks if the driver is a citizen, the driver says yes and asks if it matters, and the agent says 'not any more'. It seems to me that the only people in the world that fear the Obama administration is the US citizens.
The San Juan County 912/TEA Party group meets tonight at 7 PM in the Totah Theater. The meeting normally lasts until about 8:30.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

912/TEA Party August Meeting

The San Juan County 912/TEA Party Patriots meeting will be held this coming Tuesday, August 5, at 7 PM in the Totah Theater.
With all the things that are going on and wrong, this is a good place for like minded people to meet with other people that think the country is on the wrong track.
Important elections are being held in November. Get informed and be active. If you are not part of the solution, you deserve what you end up with.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dumb Ideas and Actions

Heinrich was doing his Toastmasters thing the other day, making an 'important' speech to an empty room. The speech was his 'facts matter' illegal immigration speech. (You can watch it on his website.) I watched it and responded as he asked. In my response I noted that about the only option left for him was to sponsor a bill that would send US representatives to Latin America to approve status and provide benefits to them so they wouldn’t have to leave home to get them. We could boost their country’s economy with the infusion of our tax dollars directly instead of them having to send money back to their home country. I made these snarky remarks in response to his fake emotional speech. I did not intend for this idea to be taken seriously. But late in the week there was a New York Times article (NYT - U.S. Considering Refugee Status for Hondurans) about Obama using his pen and sending US officials to Honduras to grant refugee status of children and bring them directly here. Our elected leaders view of life is so different than ours. Where was Heinrich’s and Obama’s action like this with the Veterans healthcare?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

He Is Out To Win

Senator Tom U has told us that waves of illegal immigration and accompanying amnesty is good for the country and will boost our economy. This alarming increase (his words) in unaccompanied illegal invaders (my words) may be the boost that he is looking for in his re-election year.  Look at the potential expansion in part time jobs he can tout he is creating, staffing these new federal day care centers springing up at military bases across the country as well as our own Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia. The paychecks (paid for with your taxes and borrowed money at the federal level that you will be paying interest on forever) going to these new government employees will be a boost to the New Mexico economy for sure. And don’t forget about the addition of immigration law judges and staff needed to speed the approval process for the illegals. As a member of the Appropriations committee, he is going to make sure that the New Mexico and local governments (not only New Mexico but the whole country) don’t suffer any costs associated with this invasion. He is going to fix that by making sure these government bodies get some of that magical federal money (more of your taxes and borrowed money) to pay the expenses created by the federal government not sealing the border. Think of the good that the massive return of your taxes going back into the economy because (he won’t enforce existing law) and how long it can go on (at least as long as he has been in office). And it is a nation-wide ‘boost’ to the economy. Evidently he is supporting the film industry in New Mexico by insuring that some of the $3,700,000,000.00 in tax payer money is used to make public service announcements in Latin America to straighten out misunderstanding about our immigration law. (This will probably have as much impact on illegal immigration as the anti-islam video did on the Bengasi embassy attack, but worth the money for sure.) But darn, you have to understand that he building the Obama economy (spending your tax money on high value projects like this) for your own good and on the Obama pace. He is counting on spending your money in this quality manner will get you to re-elect him. What a plan.