Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Meeting

The SJC 912/TEA Party October meeting will be held at 7 PM on Tuesday, October 6, in the Farmington Civic Center.

The program will feature 2 NM legislators speaking on the effort by western states to take control of land currently controlled by various Federal Agencies. It should be an interesting meeting.

Hope to see you there.

On another note, it shouldn't be amazing to me that the Secret Service leadership would put in motion a plan to information on Jason Chavetz. It becomes increasingly apparent that the most import job that bureaucrats preform is to protect the bureaucracy.

Monday, September 14, 2015

We Need A Vote

The Rules for Radicals playbook that the Progressives use notes in Rule 4 'Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules'. It also notes that you do what ever means necessary to achieve your own goals. Lie, cheat, hide, invent new rules, ignore existing rules and law. You get the point.
That is where we are with the Iran Accord. It appears that the Republicans will live by the existing rules of the Senate and not hold a vote on the rejection of the Iran Accord.
The Democrats saw fit to change the rules to be able to approve radical judges be added to the Federal bench. And the Republicans just cowered.
Obama, the rest of the Progressives, and the Democrats have changed the way Washington operates but the Republicans have not recognized or at least accepted it yet.
It there ever was a time for Republicans to change the rules so there can at least have a vote on an issue, this is it. It just doesn't look like they have the will to get it done.
Why are Trump and Carson leading in the poles. If there was some other place a conservative to go..........

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Corruption Will Carry the Day

Corruption in Washington is a major hurdle for me to get over with the Iran Accord. Are Obama, Hillary, and Biden, cooperating to get the attention away from the Iran Accord? (Lord knows Hillary needs to get the spotlight off her email business.) Obama gives Biden the ‘blessing’ to run for president with profuse praise to get the media focusing on a Hillary/Biden conflict. Hillary coming out with comparisons of the Republicans to terrorists and Nazis to stir up something other than Iran and email. Was Obama involved with the short Stock Market crash over the last couple weeks? He can’t afford an economic slide impact his legacy but he didn’t take time from vacation to comment on it but he was able to have Fed Bankers restore order with comments that it may not be time for interest rate hikes in September.
There are more ads on television against the Iran Accord. Things are getting serious enough that Obama is calling the people oppose to the deal ‘crazies’.  A couple more democrats came out against the Accord. Obama is pushing the corrupt senate democrats to prevent a vote on the Accord. The establishment GOP may even let them get away with it. It would surprise me. I still believe that corrupt democrats will not override a veto.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Veto Override

The Iran Accord will depend on a veto override. My thoughts going in is that Senate democrats that are up for reelection in 2016 would count the votes against and they would be allowed to vote to override veto to help with their reelection bids. I did a little research.

There are currently 27 democratic senators supporting the Accord and 4 leaning toward support. It takes 35 supporters to stop the veto override. There are 13 democratic senators still reportedly on the fence. Of those, 4 are running in 2016, and one is retiring in 2016 for a total of 5 democratic seats up for bid.

There is plenty of room to allow those running for reelection to vote against the Accord to bolster their reelections. The ones not running in 2016 will be counting on the voters forgetting about their vote in 2015. All just political show.

Neither of the NM senators are running for reelection in 16, and both are big supporters of the Accord. Don’t forget. Senator Bennet of Colorado is reportedly on the fence and up for reelection in 2016. The way Colorado seems to be going, you can place your bet that he will come down against the Accord in a show vote.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Library Presentation

Obama is working on his presidential library funding. He is also working on the legacy items that will be highlighted in the library. The Iran Accord will have to be one of them. It will be interesting to see how he presents it.
Unlike Obamacare, there are democratic heavy hitters coming out against it. Polling shows that a majority of the citizens would vote against it if they had a chance. So many that politicians are concerned how their vote will impact their elected futures. He took it to the UN for a vote before he allowed Congress to act on it. He will have to veto the no vote to get Congress to over ride the initial vote. With the track history, he may even proceed with it even if Congress over rides his veto. There is also the reference that this is a 'good deal' if it is fully implemented, so if it doesn't work as the 'vision' then it is someone else's fault.
There are many negatives associated with his Accord and his actions. The master of 'hope and change' probably won't surprise us in how he presents his view of this in the library.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

What Makes You Think They Wouldn’t?

The other day Sec Kerry said that if Congress did not approve the Iran Accord that the US may no longer be the world’s reserve currency. This is a strange selling point. Did he and the President offer up some more side deals as a part of this negotiation? Obama has taken major steps during his time to greatly weaken the US. I am not an economist but many have said that the US dollar not being the world’s reserve currency would cripple us. When you look at the growth of the debt under the Obama Administration, you have to wonder if this just isn’t another step as his presidency winds down. One would ask themself, surely he would not turn over the reserve currency to a communist dictatorship, then you would think back and say, that was a stupid question to ask myself based on his record.  
Contact your Senators and Congressmen and let them know you want them to vote on this Accord.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Credibility Should Be His Concern

It appears that most people that oppose the Obama's accord with Iran are in league with hardliners in Iran.
It appears that democratic elected officials that oppose the Obama accord are thoughtful but mistaken.
With the vast bi-partisan opposition to the accord, Obama is concerned that the US's credibility will be damaged with the world. Obama is not concerned about his credibility with the US let alone the world.
Everything that he does is calculated and will result in long term damage to the US. Thoughtful and purposeful.