Sunday, April 5, 2015

Where are our Senators?

This is my letter to Senator Heinrich. He issued a statement on the Framework. Check it on his website and leave him a note.
Setting here on a Sunday morning I find myself wondering about your role in the outcome of negotiations with Iran and their nuclear program. On paper you want to ensure Iran is never allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. The framework that the President laid on the table kicks the can down the road 10 years at best. Will a 10 year agreement be enough to support your ‘never develop’ position? Based on the Islamic State’s past performance, they will not comply with the outline for the understanding. Will limited and inspections controlled by the Islamic State of Iran fully meet your needs to support the agreement? When the time comes for decisive action, will you support something more than a full throated, public condemnation of their breaking the agreement? Much has been said that the only options are the outline for the framework of an agreement or war. How do you see this position? If our mission is clear, can you be clear in your response?
And don't forget the meeting on Tuesday evening.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

912 TEA Party Patriots April Meeting

Our monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 8, in the Farmington Civic Center, at 7 PM. The meeting will wrap up by 8:30.
The program will consist of our local State Legislators making presentations about the State legislative session that wrapped up recently. There should be time for questions. Come hear their opinions about what happened, what they supported and what they didn't.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nancy and Friends Just Love Us to the End

It warmed my heart when Nancy Pelosi went to the mike to voice her concern for the American people. She only wants to provide 24/7 protection for the American people with a vote to fully fund the Homeland Security Department. We 'just have to' fund this group to provide protection for all the protection we, the people, need because I say it's so. Even though the funding allows for the invasion of 5,000,000+ illegal aliens. Even though the Administration does not allow Border Patrol and ICE Agents to enforce the law to keep illegal invaders out of the country. (Obama was on Spanish language TV this week doubling down by ensuring the listening audience that people that didn't obey policy, not the law, would be dealt with harshly.) Even though Obama's action line these same illegals up with 3 years of past tax credits (estimated at $35,000 per illegal alien tax filer) which puts them on the welfare rolls, which he said he wouldn't allow. (But he also said if you like your plan you can keep your plan, that this Obamacare thing will put $2500 in every family's pocket, and that one day people will refer to Obamacare in a loving way.) Even though the essential DHS folks (approx. 85%) will stay on the job doing the parts of the job that Obama policy, not the law, allows. Aw shucks, just forget about that oath of office stuff.
She also was very concerned about the employees of HLS not getting a paycheck while the department was not funded. They live paycheck to paycheck she pleaded. Then I think her real concern in this area surfaced. She noted that many in Congress live paycheck to paycheck. I believe that the last partial government shut down Congress voted to take a paycheck until the lowly folks working for the federal payroll got one. She doesn't want her followers in Congress to be impacted. There are many Americans who believe that Congress lives paycheck to paycheck just because she said so out loud. The vast majority in Congress are multi-millionaires, many reaching that point while working as our elected representatives. Every federal employee that doesn't get a paycheck during the 'lack of funding' will get a full paycheck when the funding does arrive. (If you were paying attention last time you saw where a government shutdown was a money maker for some employees. Employees could put in for vacation and receive a check during the shut down. When the shut down was over, the vacation time was cancelled out, even though they got paid vacation funds, and were able to use the same paid time off again. Pay during the shut down and being able to take the vacation over time again with pay. Nice gig if you can get it.) When the public get released from their job for 'lack of funding', they don't get reimbursed for time off or double up on paid vacation. Go figure.
Oh my gosh, are we as stupid as they think we are?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Memorial Service

This note is a reminder that the memorial service for Jack 'Moe' Mills will be held Saturday, Feb. 28 at 11:30 in Hanger 5 at the Farmington Air Port.

If you know Jack, you know he was a huge supporter of the TEA Party movement, conservative causes, conservative people, and was always busy. He put together the TEA Party float and towed it around the state in many parades. He worked closely with Tom Mullen in his run for Congress. He was a very good man and he will be missed.

If you knew him or are a supporter of conservative causes, please attend the service.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Just Smoke and BS

I watched Obama's speech from the extremist summit this morning. I am always amazed at what he will say. So much of what he say's can not be backed up by his actions and other statements. Seems like most of what he says is opposite a position, current or past. It cracks me up when he lectures about transparency in government.
If frivolous speeches could pay off the national debt, we might be debt free by now. By the time he leave office we could even be running a surplus.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Biggest Threat to Out Security

There is lots of talk about the what the largest threat to our security is since there is so much going on. My thoughts are that the President is the largest threat to our security. It seems that all of his actions now are to keep the light off of his immigration actions. What he has done and continues to do will have the most impact on changing the face of the United States as he has promised to do. Tens of millions of  illegal aliens will now be receiving federal and state benefits, more income through this source than their earned income. These people are related in some way to people living here legally. This relationship to illegals and their new benefits will keep them voting progressive liberal even though it will damage them in the long run. Look at what it has done to the Black community since the 60's. This is permanent change that will be almost impossible for us to change if the Republicans in congress take a stand and stop it.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Will We Find Out

The liberals seem to talk the longest and the loudest and are willing to say anything, factual or not. You can see their commitment to their cause. What ever it takes to beat someone down and take over their lives. I guess there are enough of them to run the lives of the sheeple that blindly follow them. I don't think there are enough of them to take over the lives of the people that don't blindly follow them. I guess we will find out.