Sunday, February 21, 2016

Participation in Government

I am not a Trump fan. I do appreciate the anti-establishment energy that he has brought to the country. If he hasn't singlehandedly stoked the fire, he has certainly been a major catalyst in the increased stand that the masses are taking against government overreach.
I went to the BLM Methane Rules Meeting at JSC last week. I have been to many government public comment meetings. When I tuned off College Blvd into the college I couldn't believe my eyes. The parking lot in front of the Henderson Center looked to be completely full. And the number of orange flags on the vehicles was amazing. The Center was packed. By far there were more people against the BLM proposed rules than for them. The environmental religion followers are better organized than the regular folk for sure. They were there early for their T-shirts and got their people on the speakers list first, in mass. The people that participated in the process for the first time were disappointed at having to listen to a constant barrage of 'feelings' with no opposing comment that shouts came from the audience that 'this process is rigged'. On the whole, it is, but that is a different story.
I left the BLM meeting to attend the County Commission Meeting for the Ordinance 95 discussion. There was an overflow crowd for the council meeting. There were 50-60 people sitting and standing in the hall way outside the meeting room. Discussion by the Commission was on the agenda. They did kick it around but did not open it to the floor for discussion. The 3 voting for the ordinance said that they had no new information that would change their initial vote. The Commission Chair said that if the bureaucrats abused the people over the ordinance he wanted to hear about it and would take care of the bureaucrats and closed the discussion. At that point I would estimate that 90% of the people in attendance got up and left. The Chair just couldn't get his mind around the fact that is Ordinance is the exact overreach that is fueling the Trump candidacy. Pretty much for the same reason. Two of the three votes for the ordinance were Republicans. The two votes against the Ordinance were Republicans. The 2 Republicans that voted for the Ordinance are not running again. The 2 Republican candidates running for the seats are both against the ordinance and one said he would work to repeal it if elected. I didn't talk with the other candidate about it.
Seems like Republican voters have record numbers in the presidential primaries so far. Good news.
Hopefully it is not too late for people getting involved to prevent the pending train wreck.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

BLM Requesting Public Comments

I just found out about a meeting scheduled by the BLM for public comment on the proposed rules for methane gas on well sites. The meeting is scheduled to take place in Room 7103 at San Juan College on Tuesday between 1 PM and 4 PM. I wanted to get this note out as soon as possible so you could plan accordingly. If you don't come out and comment about the proposal the only people there to make public comments will be environmental supporters of the rules.
Poking around just a little bit before sending this note out, I found the proposed rules are found on 72 pages of the federal register. And the enviros have scheduled a training session for supporters between 9 AM and 1 PM to prep them to make comments. This means that if you don't know much about the proposals it doesn't matter because these people don't either and they will comment to support the proposals.
These are the same people that we allowed to shut down the 3 units at 4 Corners and the 2 units at San Juan Station along with all the coal mining jobs and misc support jobs and businesses. The county and Farmington tax bases will take a big hit from the shut down.
The enviros are asking all their people to wear red shirts to show their solidarity and arranging carpools for people coming from out of town. I would suggest wearing a red shirt and getting up and commenting against the proposals.
Get their early to listen to the comments and your blood will be boiling with all the foolishness that you see.

Friday, January 29, 2016

The College Dream

I earned a couple college credit hours when I was young. They probably won't count now toward my upcoming degree.
I watched the Democrat Town Hall and I think a dream for some retirees may be coming true. If I understand it correctly (I DVR'ed it and watched it twice to be sure), free college is coming for all. I know that I can fit a college education into my schedule now, especially a free one. (Hey, they all said it was free so who am I to dispute the 3 esteemed candidates at the Town Hall.) Many retirees can/will probably do the same. Bernie and Hilliary have these young skulls full of mush thinking that they will be the beneficiaries of all the free college stuff. Can you imagine some geezer (or several) participating in the classroom discussions and being involved will all the activities on campus. That could be the Dems worst dream come true, and for free.
Who knows, maybe it won't be free college for all after all.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Selling Free Stuff

Hope you had the chance to watch the Democrat Town Hall on Monday evening. It was quite a show.
Bernie laid out more information about 'free college' from the democratic socialist perspective.
He informed us that the world has changed, and a college degree is the equivalent of a high school diploma 50 years ago. Can anyone really dispute that educational standards have fallen over the last 50 years? Standards have fallen every time the ruling class needed to demonstrate that they have been doing a swell job in education with our tax dollars. And wanted more. Spending went up and standards went down, and the students moved further away from reading, writing, and arithmetic.
A case could probably be made that some current college degrees are not even the equivalent of the HS diploma 50 years ago.
The statement he followed with laid out the progressive position on free college. Free state college for all, as long as they have the 'ability and desire'. Now wait a minute. He says we need to expand the 'free K through 12' model to include a state college degree. There are no restrictions for 'ability and desire' in the current K through 12 model. There really isn't a time line either.
Who do think would be allowed to determine who has the 'ability or desire or deserve' to participate in the system and for how long? Progressives maybe?
A democratic socialist progressive is selling the 'free college' model to the useful idiots that aren't capable of understanding that progressives have dumbed down the system so they can't see what's happening, believe that 'free' comes with no restrictions or oversight, and that the ruling class will take care of them and improve their position in life.
The silent majority let the devious minority create a monster.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Conservatives and Republicans

Something that is getting lost in the mix is that there is a difference between a person that is a conservative and the Republican Party member.
A conservative has traditional values. A conservative can be a member of the Republican Party because it is the closest thing to a conservative political party that there is. But you do not need to be a conservative to be in the Republican Party. Anyone can be registered in the Republican Party. All it takes is not being a registered Democrat. You can have Democrat Party values and be in the Republican Party.
The anger being expressed against the Republican Party Establishment can be expressed by anyone, and is. And should be. Conservatives are in revolt against the Establishment and the corruption it has wrought.
It should not be assumed that all Republican Party candidates are conservatives. Hopefully people will not hang Trump around the necks of conservatives as the example of a 'real' conservative, even though that will be where the Press will lead them.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Movie

I watched '13 Hours' the other day. It is a good movie and I would recommend it to all. The maker did a good job in keeping it focused on what happened to the people on site in Benghazi when the attacks occurred. They kept political leaders out of the story line.
If you followed the events around the time of the attacks they you understand the ties to the government leadership when they show up as the story plays out. The uninformed person that watches the movie should come away with the understanding the our government leadership will and has abandoned its own people to further their power and careers.
I saw that the CIA Station Chief on the ground has come out again saying that no stand down order was given to the 'contractors'. The 'contractors' say their was one. I would hope the Congressional Select Committee would ask the Station Chief if he told the 'contractors' to go get the Ambassador or if not, what he did order them to do. That should get to the bottom of the stand down issue.
All in all, the people that were there were lucky to get out alive at all.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tough Night

Tonight is possibly the last Obama 'State of the Union' address. Need to watch it if you can. I am going to DVR it on the Blaze and Fox News. If I can't take it all in one dose I can stop for awhile and then go back and complete the viewing.
I understand that you can view it on the Blaze for a $1. You get running commentary (from Glenn)and fact checking real time. Not sure how it works, but if your carrier has the Blaze, get on the Blaze web site early in the day and figure it out.
I had to DVR the gun control show he put on at the White House and the CNN town hall. It worked because I couldn't take it all in one setting. Being on the road for a couple of month must have impacted my Obama stamina.